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Men's Ministry


While frequently mistaken for one, Crossroads Runners is not an exercise group at all! The name is taken from an phrase often used by our pastor, Rob Mullins, saying that he wants us all to be “running to the heart of Jesus.” So we named our men’s group, The Crossroads Runners, because we want all the men at Crossroads Baptist Church to do just that: RUN TO THE HEART OF JESUS.


  • By having an annual men’s conference, with a guest speaker that will help us understand how to maintain our focus on Jesus

  • By studying how to be the kind of men (fathers, sons, brothers) that the scriptures teach us to strive to become. 

  • We also do this by attending bible studies and classes offered to the men of Crossroads (ages 12 and up), participating in service projects within the church, and selected activities outside the church.

  • We also have an annual Wild Game Dinner that serves up wild game caught and prepared by the men in our church. It is open to anyone who is interested in some good food and fellowship. This is a great (and delicious!) way to meet men who do not attend church, but hunt and fish.

  • We also have begun to offer home repairs, etc, to the widows, single Moms, and other needful members of our church who are in a bind and simply need some help. This help is done without fanfare or identification of the members being helped. We want this service to be helpful and discrete…as it should be.

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